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Logs in Forest

Sustainable Forestry Initiative
Implementation Committee

The Committee works with landowners, logging professionals, industry leaders, and the public to support programs that improve the practice of sustainable forestry on all lands.
This website is designed to provide information on Minnesota SIC-sponsored activities and programs. We hope you find this site useful and educational. Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions.

MN SIC Areas of Interest

Best Management Practices

SFI® promotes Minnesota's Forest Management Guidelines (FMGs) for forestry that protect historic and cultural resources, riparian areas, soil productivity, water quality and wetlands, wildlife habitat, and visual quality during timber harvesting operations. 

Logger Education

Minnesota SIC approves education opportunities for loggers to gain continuing education credits. MN SIC also works with the Minnesota Logger Education Program to promote learning opportunities and provides financial support for its Logger Conferences.

Landowner Outreach

Research Support

Minnesota SIC financially supports research that furthers sustainable forest management in the state. Supported research includes trends in logging businesses and barriers to management for small landowners.

Environmental Education

SFI provides support for environmental educational efforts in Minnesota to further the goals of the program. Working with Project Learning Tree, the MN SIC has developed grade school educational materials.

Community Engagement

Minnesota SIC supports collaborative community-based projects and activities to increase understanding of the values and benefits provided by sustainably managed forests. The SIC has been nationally recognized for past projects with Habitat for Humanity and the Boy Scouts of America.


Minnesota SIC leadership rotates between member companies ever other January. See the Governance Document for additional information on leadership position descriptions and rotation schedule.

Chair: Richard Moore, Beltrami County Land Department.

Vice Chair: Adam James, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Coordinator: Rick Horton, Minnesota SIC. Email:

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